Influence of Sci-Fi Films on Artificial Intelligence and Vice-Versa

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Title: Influence of Sci-Fi Films on Artificial Intelligence and Vice-Versa

Authors: D Lorenk, M Tarhaniov and P Sincak

Abstract: Sci-fi technological movie domain is an important part of human culture. The paper focus on comparison study of selected robotics sci-fi movie domain from a technological point of view. It is necessary to accomplish technological analysis of studied sci-fi movies and able to distinguish about possible current technology and future direction of the artificial intelligence in the domain of Robot intelligence. The review of existing movies which are in fact influencing thinking of humans is essential since it can influence a future research direction in AI. This information is interesting for inspiration of students and research associates in theory and applications. In conclusion, we envision potential problems of social networks and impact of Internet of things facts which is becoming a reality with IPv6 protocol. The goal of the paper is also to underline the importance of such cultural phenomena as sci-fi movies for the future of humanity.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: SAMI – IEEE

موضوع: هوش مصنوعی (Artificial Intelligence)

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