Aero-Optical Effects In Free-Space Laser Communications

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Title: Aero-Optical Effects In Free-Space Laser Communications

Authors: Stanislav Gordeyev, Eric Jumper

Abstract: When a laser beam is transmitted from an airborne platform, it must first pass through a relatively thin region of the turbulent flow in the immediate vicinity of the airplane. Unsteady density variations present in the turbulent flow will imprint spatial/temporal variations on the otherwise planar outgoing wavefronts. These variations in wavefronts will force the beam to move, change its shape and even break into several spots on a distant target. These aero-optical effects [1,2], even in the absence of any atmospheric optical distortions, might significantly degrade a performance of any free-space, laser-based airborne systems at subsonic, transonic or supersonic speeds.   

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: PSSTMS - IEEE

Number of Pages: 2

موضوع: فوتونیک، لیزر

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