An artificial bee colony algorithm for the maximally diverse grouping problem

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Title: An artificial bee colony algorithm for the maximally diverse grouping problem

Authors: Francisco J Rodriguez , M Lozano a , C GarcaMartnez b , Jonathan D GonzlezBarrera

Abstract: In this paper, an artificial bee colony algorithm is proposed to solve the maximally diverse grouping problem. This complex optimization problem consists of forming maximally diverse groups with restricted sizes from a given set of elements. The artificial bee colony algorithm is a new swarm intelligence technique based on the intelligent foraging behavior of honeybees. The behavior of this algorithm is determined by two search strategies: an initialization scheme employed to construct initial solutions and a method for generating neighboring solutions. More specifically, the proposed approach employs a greedy constructive method to accomplish the initialization task and also employs different neighborhood operators inspired by the iterated greedy algorithm. In addition, it incorporates an improvement procedure to enhance the intensification capability. Through an analysis of the experimental results, the highly effective performance of the proposed algorithm is shown in comparison to the current state-of-the-art algorithms which address the problem.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Information Sciences - Science Direct

Number of Pages: 14

موضوع: الگوریتم زنبور عسل (Bee Colony Algorithm)

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