Vertical-Edge-Based Car-License-Plate Detection Method

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Title: Vertical-Edge-Based Car-License-Plate Detection Method

Authors: Abbas M AlGhaili, Syamsiah Mashohor, Abdul Rahman Ramli, and Alyani Ismail

Abstract: This paper proposes a fast method for car-license-plate detection (CLPD) and presents three main contributions.The first contribution is that we propose a fast vertical edgedetection algorithm (VEDA) based on the contrast between thegrayscale values, which enhances the speed of the CLPD method.After binarizing the input image using adaptive thresholding (AT),an unwanted-line elimination algorithm (ULEA) is proposed toenhance the image, and then, the VEDA is applied. The sec-ond contribution is that our proposed CLPD method processesvery-low-resolution images taken by a web camera. After thev ertical edges have been detected by the VEDA, the desired plate details based on color information are highlighted. Then, thecandidate region based on statistical and logical operations will beextracted. Finally, an LP is detected. The third contribution is thatwe compare the VEDA to the Sobel operator in terms of accuracy,algorithm complexity, and processing time. The results show accu-rate edge detection performance and faster processing than Sobelby five to nine times. In terms of complexity, a big-O-notationmodule is used and the following result is obtained: The VEDAhas less complexity byK2 times, whereasK2 represents the masksize of Sobel. Results show that the computation time of the CLPDmethod is 47.7 ms, which meets the real-time requirements.   

Publish Year: 2013


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