Data mining agent conversations: A qualitative approach to multi-agent systems

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Title: Data mining agent conversations: A qualitative approach to multi-agent systems analysis

Authors: Emilio Serrano, Michael Rovatsos, Juan A Botia

Abstract: This paper presents a novel method for analyzing the behavior of multivalent systems on the basis of the semantically rich information provided by agent communication languages and interaction protocols specified at the knowledge level. More low-level communication mechanisms only allow for a quantitative analysis of the occurrence of message types, the frequency of message sequences, and the empirical distributions of parameter values. Quite differently, the semantics of languages and protocols in multi-agent systems can help to extract qualitative properties of observed conversations among agents. This can be achieved by interpreting the logical constraints associated with protocol execution paths or individual messages as the context of an observed interaction, and using them as features of learning samples. The contexts mined from such analyses, or context models, can then be used for various tasks, e.g. for predicting others future responses (useful when trying to make strategic communication decisions to achieve a particular outcome), to support ontological alignment (by comparing the properties of logical constraints attached to messages across participating agents), or to assess the trustworthiness of agents (by verifying the logical coherence of their behavior). This paper details a formal approach that describes our notion of context models in multi-agent conversations, an implementation of this approach in a practical tool for mining qualitative context models, and experimental results to illustrate its use and utility.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Information Sciences - Science Direct

موضوع: داده کاوی (Data Mining) – عاملهای هوشمند (Intelligent Agents)

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