Design for rebirth (DFRb) and data structure

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Title: Design for rebirth (DFRb) and data structure

Author: Christian Mascle

Abstract: In this paper, rebirth, the methodology of design for rebirth antedate structure which it requires will be examined. Rebirth is a global strategy of product analysis for sustainable development. A methodology is developed to conceive a product according to objectives defined by its end of life and its generic engineering requirements, and this methodology is implanted in a framework. Our data structure is based on topological information from a boundary representation (B-rep) model and it processes all information relative to the life cycle of the product. The software, based on this data structure, allows predefining certain characteristics based on knowledge of the company or on the data base. This facilitates its use for a wide range of applications.

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: International Journal of Production Economics - Science Direct

Number of Pages: 12

موضوع: پایگاه داده

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