Electromagnetic Interference with RFID Readers in Hospitals

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Title: Electromagnetic Interference with RFID Readers in Hospitals

Authors: Yue Ying, Dirk Fischer, Uvo Hlscher

Abstract: Radio frequency identification (RFID) applications have become popular in many areas. RFID uses wireless technology to transmit information stored within a RFID-tag to a RFID-reader. Passive RFID-tags are powered through the received signal from the reader. Therefore the reader has to transmit its request with a certain power to bridge the gap between reader and tag. In contrast to bar-code technology this technique allows communication without requiring a line of sight. The RFID-technology is beginning to be introduced in medical environment, e.g. for patient tracking, staff location, inventory management etc. Implementation of this technology in medical environment has to guarantee the patients_ safety. However the electromagnetic field generated by the RFID-readers may interfere with medical devices. This study evaluates the electromagnetic interference of RFID-readers with medical devices, discusses the results with respect to the safety standards and proposes a process to manage the risks associated with RFID-technology in medical environment.   

Publish Year: 2009

Published in: IFMBE - Springer

Number of Pages: 4

موضوع: RFID

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