Path Planning and Ground Control Station Simulator for UAV

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Title: Path Planning and Ground Control Station Simulator for UAV

Authors: Alain AJAMI, JeanFrancois BALMAT, JeanPaul GAUTHIER, Thibault MAILLOT

Abstract: In this paper we present a Universal and Interoper-able Ground Control Station (UIGCS) simulator for fixed androtary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and all types ofpayloads. One of the major constraints is to operate and man-age multiple legacy and future UAVs, taking into account thecompliance with NATO Combined/Joint Services OperationalEnvironment (STANAG 4586). Another purpose of the station isto assign the UAV a certain degree of autonomy, via autonomousplanification/replanification strategies. The paper is organizedas follows.In Section 2, we describe the non-linear models of the fixed androtary wing UAVs that we use in the simulator.In Section 3, we describe the simulator architecture, which isbased upon interacting modules programmed independently.This simulator is linked with an open source flight simulator, tosimulate the video flow and the moving target in 3D. To concludethis part, we tackle briefly the problem of the Matlab/Simulinksoftware connection (used to model the UAV_s dynamic) with thesimulation of the virtual environment.Section 5 deals with the control module of a flight path of theUAV. The control system is divided into four distinct hierarchicallayers: flight path, navigation controller, autopilot and flightcontrol surfaces controller.In the Section 6, we focus on the trajectory planifica-tion/replanification question for fixed wing UAV. Indeed, one ofthe goals of this work is to increase the autonomy of the UAV. Wepropose two types of algorithms, based upon 1) the methods ofthe tangent and 2) an original Lyapunov-type method. Thesealgorithms allow either to join a fixed pattern or to track amoving target.Finally, Section 7 presents simulation results obtained on oursimulator, concerning a rather complicated scenario of mission.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Aerospace - IEEE

Number of Pages: 13

موضوع: مهندسی هوافضا

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