A Structural Analysis of Emerging Production Systems

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Title: A Structural Analysis of Emerging Production Systems

Authors: Luis Ribeiro, Rogrio Rosa, Jos Barata

Abstract: A cornerstone of modern production paradigms is the encapsulation of heterogeneity and system complexity. This functional encapsulation is supported by distinct architectural building blocks that once instantiated abstract, manage and control a specific system. Modern production approaches rely in semi hierarchical architectures to organize the interactions between these blocks. In runtime this specific structure promotes a self-organizing response resulting from concurrent interaction between the system�s components. This paper simulates the execution of processes in a network of mechatronic agents comprising products, processes� abstractions and resources and analyses the impact of the typical network structure envisioned by modern production paradigms in respect to the time consumed in the production process.   

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: INDIN - IEEE

Number of Pages: 6

موضوع: مکاترونیک

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