Augmenting the World using Semantic Web Technologies

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Title: Augmenting the World using Semantic Web Technologies

Authors: Jens Grubert, Lyndon Nixon, Gerhard Reitmayr

Abstract: Creating and maintaining augmented scenes for mobile Augmented Reality browsers can be a challenging and time consuming task. The timeliness of digital information artifacts connected to changing urban environments require authors to constantly update the structural representations of augmented scenes or to accept that the information will soon be outdated. We present an approach for retrieving multimedia content and relevant web services for mobile Augmented Reality applications at runtime. Using semantic web technologies we are able to postpone the retrieval of actual media items to the moment a user actually perceives an augmented scene. This allows content creators to augment a scene only once and avoid continuous manual updates. We also discuss the tradeoff between runtime content retrieval using Linked Data concepts and decreased control over the scene appearance at the time of authoring that comes along with this approach.   

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: ISMAR - IEEE

Number of Pages: 3

موضوع: وب معنایی (Semantic Web)

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