Solution blown nanofibrous membrane for microfiltration

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Title: Solution blown nanofibrous membrane for microfiltration

Authors: Xupin Zhuang a,b , Lei Shi a , Kaifei Jia a , Bowen Cheng b,n , Weimin Kang

Abstract: Nanofibrous membranes have been paid attention in microfiltration. Solution blowing process is a new nanofiber fabricating method with high productivity. In this study, polyvinylidene fiuoride (PVDF) nanofibrous mat was successfully solution blown using a multiorifices die. The fibers were mostly 60 280 nm in diameter and three-dimensional curly which resulted in a loose construction with high porosity of 95.8%. The nanofibrous mat was further hot-pressed to increase its integrality. The structure and microfiltration performance was evaluated. The results showed the crystallinity of the membranes increased, the porosity and pore size decreased after hot-pressing treatment. The hot-pressed membranes showed high retention ratio against microparticles and high pure water fiux which will help the solution blown membrane find application in high fiux microfiltration.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Journal of Membrane Science - Science Direct

Number of Pages: 5

موضوع: فناوری نانو

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